Dog Breeds

A to Z of Dog Breeds on Funny Art Prints

English culture is permeated with a love for our most enduring and loyal companion. Since our Neanderthal days, wolves and their descendants have filched scraps and kept other predators at bay so they could benefit from our presence. We in turn took them in and, from their descendants, chose the most puppy-like characteristics, making them less and less feral with each succeeding generation.

Each group of humans they attached themselves to, thought different characteristics were important, such as thick fur and deeper chests for mountain dogs so they could survive and breathe more easily like the St. Bernard; spry, smaller dogs to tend our livestock like collies; fast tiny dogs that could kill rats, like the Jack Russell. Still others appreciated the wolf-like characteristics and bred them instead for colouration, like the Alsatian and Husky.

Dog Breeds

Afghan hound, long haired dachshund, minature long haired dachshund, smooth haired dachshund, minature smooth haired dachshund, wire haired dachshund, minature wirehaired dachshund, azawakh, basenji, akbash dog, caucasian ovcharka, central asia shepherd dog, estrela mountain dog, greek sheepdog, kangal dog , pyrenean mastiff, rafeiro do alentejo, sarplaninac, slovak cuvac, south russian ovcharka, spanish mastiff, tibetan mastiff, tornjak, australian stumpy tail cattle dog, basque shepherd dog, beauceron, berger picard, berger blanc suisse, blue lacy, bouvier des flandres, catahoula leopard dog, dutch shepherd, english shepherd, german coolies, giant schnauzer, huntaway, icelandic sheepdog, koolie, lapponian herder, mcnab, mudi, portuguese sheepdog, pumi, schapendoes, australian kelpie, anatolian shepherd dog, australian cattle dog, australian shepherd, bearded collie, belgian shepherd dog groenendael, belgian shepherd dog laekenois, belgian shepherd dog malinois, belgian shepherd dog 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