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I would love to add all the worlds dog breed before i leave secondary school, i have a great love for all animals and thought my website would help me learn about dogs and help me to use the internet.

Belgium Malinious


if you would like to add a breed I am looking for all or some of the information below.

When we got Wanna we knew nothing about her, except we were asked to look after her at a few weeks old because she was rejected from her litter, we din’t at this stage even think about getting another dog, but once she was settled in and a few minutes we decided we should try and keep her.

Then we did the research and found out what type of breed she is and how clever and stupid she can be, quiet when told and noisy most of the time, to non dog people she is scary so we always have to tell people she’s just chattering.

Owning Wanna is different from all other dogs we have had, so i thought it might be a nice idea to collect up dog information for others to read about specific breeds.

Dog are never bad, normally it’s either the owner or the owners lack of understand dogs.

Dog people are nicer that other people.

If you can share some details below about your dog and breed that would be really nice and i can include a picture of your dog and a link to your dogs website if you have one.

  • Temperament
    Living conditions
    Male :25 to 27 inches
    Female:23 to 25 inches
    Male: 90 to 110 pounds
    Female: 80 to 100 pounds
    Life span
    Health problem
  • Grooming
  • Exercise
    Your personal thoughts on this breed

I will include a link to your website

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