Adult Heartworm Treatment

Are you asking about treating adult heartworms or treating adult dogs? There is quite a difference between the two treatments. One can be very severe and the other not so severe. There are home remedies for treating adult dogs but there is no home remedy for adult heartworms. We will explore the options on both and give you some links for great home remedies if we are talking about treating adult dogs versus adult heartworms.


I will get straight to the point.


Heartworms are caused in our pets when our pets are bitten by mosquitoes which have become infected with heartworms from biting other infected animals.  A number of animals can be host to heartworms. They include dogs, cats, wolves, coyotes, foxes, ferrets, sea lions and even humans.  When the infected mosquito bites our pets the mosquito deposits larvae into the skin of our pets. The larvae are from the parasitic roundworm known as dirofilaria immitis. The larvae migrate to the heart and within 6 months they hatch or transform into worms that look like pieces of thread. The heartworms can be found in the chambers of the heart and in the two main arteries leading to the heart (Pulmonary artery and vena cava). From there they move to other parts of the body including the lungs and liver.

If you pet has adult heartworms then they need adult heartworm treatment such as immiticide.


Contains an arsenic compound that will quickly kill the worms Given as an injection in the lower back muscle close to the spine Injection is painful to your dog Once the worms are killed (quickly) they are then shed off into your dog’s bloodstream and can lodge in their lungs Usually given as two  injections with 24 hours of each other Can be given as a 3 dose regiment which is also referred to as staged kill but requires you to keep your dog confined for a longer period of time after treatment. The first injection is followed one month later with the second and the third is given within 24 hours of the second There are some suggestions that Immiticide treatment does not kill immature worms and therefore a ivermectin based medicine should be given monthly for up to a year following the Immiticide treatment.


If your dog only has the early stage heartworms (larvae) then here are the other types of treatment medications available today. This is not a complete list but just some of the more common ones on the market today. These are also called preventative medications because they kill the larvae and prevent adult heartworms.

Revolution – This is a broad spectrum medication that has been reported to be the top of the list for dogs. This medication also protects your dog from flea infestations. Interceptor – This medication is reported to prevent heartworms, hookworms, whipworm, and roundworms. Heartgard – This medication is widely available that prevents heartworms, hookworms and roundworms. Very few side effects have been reported with this medication. Iverhart Max – This medication is used for heartworms and tapeworms. There do not seem to be many reported side effects with this medication.


Side effects from use of heartworm preventative medications include diarrhea, convulsions, vomiting and general tiredness or weakness. Your pet’s body recognizes the chemicals in the heartworm pills as poison and uses their immune systems to try and fight off what they see as foreign bodies. Therefore, when on these medications your pets will have weakened immune systems which allow your pet to get sick easier.


Because many veterinarians now recognize that long term use of preventative medications can cause side effects in our pets many people are turning to alternative methods to prevent heartworms. The methods will help overall but you should discuss using them with your vet.

Provide a healthy diet. Many people are now avoiding commercial pet food and feeding their pets natural vegetables, fruits, and raw meat Boost your pet’s immune system Strengthen your pet’s heart and circulatory system In areas where heartworms are prevalent think about regular de-worming Black walnut extract and garlic are also being used as preventatives Prevention is much cheaper than treatment at the vet’s office

Want time tested ways to treat a lot of your pet’s illnesses and ailments without having to pay a vet bill? If so, then click on the links below and get some great home remedies that will save you a lot of money.

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