All About Bloodhound Dogs

The Bloodhound is very powerfull and energetic massive hound dog,Bloodhound breed have very short and hard coat that should cover his whole body,Blood hound comes in diffrent colors:red and tawny, black and tan, or liver and tan.Bloodhound_red_liver_pigmented


Bloodhound is very good nature breed,they are having shy nature,but with the help of good training they can be sociable.Bloodhound are wary of strangers but should never aggressive like other hound dogs.This breed is not good for around small animals,however good with other dogs with the help of good training,they are very sensitive to scent of something,but they does not bark like other hound dogs.


It can be very difficult to train bloodhound because they are very sensitive to the tone of voice making.They are always ready to please his owner,They have very good nose,if they catch any smell,it can be difficult to redirect their attention back.Bloodhound breed is commonly use in tracking criminals,thieves,and lost kids,they are good tracker.

Living conditions

Bloodhound breed is large dog,they need lot of exercise,they are best in yard and garden,they are also good in apartment life,if they get plenty of exercise daily.

Height ,weight

Male :25 to 27 inches
Female:23 to 25 inches

Male:90 to 110 pounds
Female:80 to 100 pounds

Life span

The Healthy bloodhound can live around 10-12 years.Good diet,exercise and grooming can maximize his life span.

Health problem

Avoid to overfeed this breed,overfeed can cause of his stomach cramps.Always give him feed in two or three small meals,instead of one large meal.They have very long and droopy ears,which should be clean daily ti avoid ear infection.


The bloodhound have short coat so they doesn’t require much grooming,But you should have cleaned him regularly to avoid dryness and itchy.there are hound gloves available in market,you can gently rub over the coat and get rid of loose can buy these hound gloves at any good pet should bath them when absolutely necessary.


Bloodhound need regular exercise,they are very energetic dogs,A long walk should be taken daily,At least 90 minutes per day exercise is required to keep this dog healthy and happy.


There is no any record of where this breed originated from,this is very old breed,this breed was brought England to United Stated by Normans,this breed has been used to hunt,tracking criminals and animals.The breed was first registered by the American Kennel Club in 1885.

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