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Hey, family pets! Quick! While the human is AFK — you know, “away from the keyboard,” your time has come! Don’t chase, chew, drench or serenade that mouse. Take control of it and click your way to your own gathering place. Fins don’t like to bend that way? Try hoofing it over to your hitching post with your four-legged friends. Your humans just might enjoy themselves along the way.

Yes, your pets now have an “official” place all there own. Whether the faithful friends let you post as yourself or they “prefer” to post under their own pedigree, pets and the humans who love them are welcome at Pet Net World.petworldAll ages, all pets and all polite but enthusiastic pet owners share pictures of their favorite furry or feathered and friendly pal, favorite stories and treasured memories. Have an online birthday party for Rover or for yourself. Enjoy and strengthen your common bond: Each one of you loves the loyal friend who is with you through thick and thin, playing with you, watching over you and keeping you company on a stormy night.

At last count, there were a dozen or more social networks for people. It’s high time for the family pet, don’t you think? Head to the online pet park and Join the social network for pets at

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We have a Labrador (Sara) , Terrier kinda dog crossed with nutcase (Ruffus) and a Belgium Malinois (Wanna), I live in an animal house.

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