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As a responsible pet owner, it’s your responsibility to teach your dog or cat appropriate and acceptable behaviors. Training should begin as soon as your bring your puppy or kitten home. If you have adopted an older pet, you can help them adjust to  your routine and house rules by redirecting and rewarding.Pet-TreatsOne of the best ways to gain cooperation from a kitten is to seize the moment when they do something you consider cute. For example, if your kitten is quite vocal when they want food, let them “talk” to you and reward them with a treat. Use treats to encourage the behaviors they exhibit that you consider appropriate.

Dogs respond well to edible rewards. Soft, chewy treats are best for training rewards. Training treats should be given in tiny pieces. Dental treats are beneficial to your dog’s teeth and gums. Long lasting hard bones can be given as a way to prevent boredom when you pet is alone. Your dog will quickly learn where it’s treats are stored. Giving them a treat at a regular time each day will create a routine they will look forward to.

Statistics show that 88% of dog owners and 65% of cat owners buy treats for their pets. If you fall into the group of pet owners who always have treats on hand for your pet, it is helpful to have a convenient source for pet treats that you know offers a variety of quality treats at good prices.

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