Choosing The Best Dog For Your Family

We all have heard about the famous phrase ‘Dog is human’s best friend’. In fact having a dog at your home is a god’s gift because, the untainted love and affection which the dog shows towards you is amazing and this has to be experienced by an individual and there are no words to express it. No doubt, this is very true. We always look for options and alternatives in whatever thing we like to own. This is no exception when it comes in choosing your own pet dog which you are always passionate about having at your home. Here are the few tips, which will help you at the time of best dog for familyYou will be surprised if you look at the stylish names and look of these dogs, sorry our best friends. Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd are high breed dogs where you have to be very careful while selecting any of them for your home which depends on your lifestyle, spending capacity and the hideout space you will provide for your pet.

Some dogs are by birth very aggressive, strong built and tall. These are apt, when you are staying in an independent bungalow and where there is no security person. If you have kids, then you should choose Bulldog, collie and Newfoundland. The names may be new. But these are the dogs which are attracted to. You have seen these in advertisements, cinemas etc. On the other hand, if you are particular in giving your home the perfect and firm look, then you can go for Labrador Retriever, Irish Setter, and Vizsla. To give the terrifying look to strangers you have Bull Terrier.

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We have a Labrador (Sara) , Terrier kinda dog crossed with nutcase (Ruffus) and a Belgium Malinois (Wanna), I live in an animal house.

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