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Appearance wise with the boxer you will find a lean, well muscled dog that is very agile. The boxer needs a lot of exercise because of their structure. In fact daily walks that last for a half hour to an hour are the best for this breed. With appearance you will find a short muzzle that is rather squat in appearance. They are generally black with a little brown around the ears and muzzle. They may also have brown or tan around there paws. The ears are usually not pointed, but floppy at the sides of their heads. The hair is going to be short and coarse, which lends to the easy grooming.

For grooming and care you will find that they like all dogs need proper nutrition. With the activity that these dogs like to do and the energy they expend you really need to have a high protein diet. It is essential to keeping away some of the health ailments they suffer from like allergies, tumours and aortic stenosis. As long as you are able to feed them properly they will live a long life. You should also know that they have sensitive skin. This means that they tend to need a simple brushing once a week to get rid of loose or dead hair, but bathing can be an issue for skin infections.


With the many types of dog breeds out there it is sometimes hard to find the new pet for home. If you already have a favourite breed it may be why you are reading this article. Most often we all have a favourite dog breed that just says this must be part of the family, but in some cases there are those who have never had a pet and they need to know all about the different dogs. Below you will find a comprehensive look at the boxer dog breed to see if you are compatible.

The boxer was actually a German breed before they moved through Europe and into the United States. Today you will find many countries including the UK has at least one boxer dog breeder. The boxer was mixed from a mastiff and a Bullenbeiszer, which means they are not an original dog. Many of the dog breeds we have today are a mix of one dog or another in the hopes of breeding the qualities that we want in a friend. So you will find that the boxer was mostly breed for their fighting and hunting skills. They also make pretty could watchdogs. So you will find the boxer is full of confidence, loyalty and of course intelligence. The boxer is a medium sized to large dog. This means that they generally reach a size of 25 inches at most and 80 pounds in weight.

You do need to train these dogs. They can be strong willed at times. This means that training can be a little difficult in the early stages, but a strong and consistent hand will help. Obedience, as well as worker training for such things as hunting can be important depending on what you would like to have the dog for. They make good companions once trained, but arent always as affectionate as other dog breeds. Keep in mind that most dogs are very affectionate, active, and playful so a small or large home is very important with a small backyard. You will also want to have plenty of time to take the boxer for walks and daily exercise.

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