Steps to Making Your Own Healthy Dog Food

Dog owners want their pets to be healthy. Many worry about the ingredients and additives to dog food, whether bagged, canned or treats, so they look to making their own. There are many benefits to making your own healthy dog food since you can work with a strict diet, help to handle a certain illness or just control all the extra ingredients that your dog eats. Here are some steps to making your own dog food to make sure it is healthy and just right – after all, a dog’s diet is completely different to a human’s.

Talk to Your Vet about Your Choice

It is worth talking to your vet before you change your pet’s diet. This will help to make sure you avoid any of the dangerous foods and give your dog a diet suitable for his medical needs. Your vet will likely encourage you, especially if your pet needs any special dietary requirements, such as low in sodium, salt or high in protein. Your vet will also know more about the food you are feeding him when it comes to the next check up or if there are any other problems.

There are some ingredients that you need to avoid, including chocolate and onions. Your vet will be able to tell you more about them and how they can affect your pet’s organs and body.

What About Supplements?

There are times that you will need to make sure your pet has certain vitamins or minerals. This can be difficult, which is when supplements may be needed. These can be added but you will need to talk to your vet about them. This will help to ensure you get the recommended daily amount and only give supplements suitable for your dog. It is very easy to mix tablets up and give the wrong ones.

Take Time to Make a New Meal Every Day

It takes time to make homemade dog food. The good news is that you could make your meals at the same time but in separate pots – or change your diet to one similar to your dog’s if it is healthy for you. Many people choose against a homemade diet because of the extra times since it is harder to freeze portions since you need to make sure they are cooked through and then cooled just right; it is almost like looking after a baby!

Create a meal plan at the start of the week and stick to it. This will help you create nutritious and healthy meals while offering a variety. You could create the same cycle of food to help keep the costs down or add something special. Having a meal plan will help to cut the time down since you can just quickly look and know that the ingredients are ready.

Give Your Dog Meat

Unless your vet has said otherwise, you need to make sure your dog has meat. While you may be a vegetarian, dogs are carnivores; this is the reason for their sharp teeth. Their body and digestive system is designed to take the extra protein. However, you need to make sure that the cuts of meat are healthy ones. Chicken and turkey may be better options, especially if you need to help your dog lose some weight.

Homemade food for your pet can be better for him but it will cost you more money. You will need to take the time to cook everything while learning about the ingredients that are dangerous. Talk to your vet before you switch your pet’s diet to make sure you look after him fully.

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