The Benefits of Using a Professional Dog Trainer

Training a new dog is often hard work and can be difficult to carry out successfully. This may be especially true if the dog in question is known as being a difficult breed. It is important that new dog owners do not underestimate the importance of training a dog right from its infancy. This will ensure that any training given will become habit as the dog grows up and will lead to a much easier life for the owner. If a dog is trained poorly then this may result in long-lasting problems as the dog grows to become an adult. A dog trained correctly however can bring years and years of pleasure and happiness to any owner.Dog-Training-Technique

When Poor Training Fails

Training that is poor or inadequate when a puppy is young can lead to many problems later on in life. Consider the experience of one new dog owner. She relates: “We did not see the need for a professional dog trainer when we first brought our little ball of fluff home. She was so small and so quiet that we thought we could train her ourselves. Although we were able to instil basic commands in the puppy, we did not fully understand the importance of socialising the dog when it was very young and we certainly did not know how to do this properly. Thus, as our beloved dog grew and grew, she began to dislike strangers more and more. Now, we have a very large dog that is terrified of strangers and will not let people we do not know into our house. Whilst this may be of some benefit and protection, it means that we cannot easily invite friends and even family over to our home for meals or even for just a cup of tea. We wish now, looking back, that we had invested in the services of a professional dog trainer.”

Benefits of a Professional Dog Trainer

It is clear to see that professional dog trainers are essential for any new puppy owner. Here are five reasons why:

• A professional will be able to anticipate problems that a novice cannot. A professional dog trainer will know exactly the right course of action to take to avoid any new puppy becoming frightened of people or other dogs.
• If your puppy does have a problem with people, other dogs or something else then a professional trainer will know how to deal with this problem head on in the correct manner. Novices can only do what they think is best to make their life easier which may not always be in the best interest of the dog.
• Using a professional dog trainer is an investment. Although a professional may cost time, effort and money when a puppy is young, they may save the owner hassle, stress and problems further down the line in their puppy’s development.
• Dog trainers have tried and tested methods and can give support, advice and guidance on how best to rear a puppy. They may also be able to give breed-specific advice.
• Professional training for a puppy also provides the opportunity for safe socialisation with other dogs and people.

Not to be Taken Lightly

Sadly, many people decide to take on a new puppy impulsively without understanding the responsibilities that come with such a decision. Before taking on any animal, first calculate the cost of food, work out the expense of vet’s bills, undertake a pet insurance comparison of what’s included in the policy and enquire about professional training. Doing so will result in many happy years of companionship and will prevent problems further down the line in a dog’s development that could have been easily prevented.

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