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I am Wanna a Belgium Malinois, The books say – Malinois are the cleverest breed of all dog, however my owner thinks i missed the gene pool.

To give you an idea about how wrong he is, just yesterday he decided to take a tennis racket and ball to the fields where we walk, then starts hitting the ball in all directions, looking at his amazingly silly action, how can you hit a ball that far in the grass and expect to find it.

Anyways being a nice dog i am, i went and got the ball for him, and guess what he just did it again, he simply could not work out that if a green ball falls in grass it’s hard to see.

After doing this about 15 times i finally took his ball away, for any dogs reading this, firstly you slobber all over the ball, and then keep it in your mouth, the humans look and think “O Well it’s only a ball” and they stop hitting it all over the fields, sometimes i really wonder about humans.


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About the Author : Blade

We have a Labrador (Sara) , Terrier kinda dog crossed with nutcase (Ruffus) and a Belgium Malinois (Wanna), I live in an animal house.

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